Mission & Vision

  1. To propagate before general people the Outstanding results of Scientific and Technological advancements and Discovery and its role in the alleviation of Social problems of mankind and to solve the problems through humanitarian and scientific outlook.
  1. To understand Science and Technology with a new perspective and Novel ideas which in turn facilitates the development of the Scientific and Technological outlook which will ultimately lead to a new shape of the society with emphasis on the information of all advances made in the various branches of Social, General and Technological Sciences throughout the globe.
  1. To ensure that the results of Science and Technology are rapidly disseminated through write-ups, news, views and pictorials to the people throughout the world, thereby emphasizing on the significance of knowledge, culture and daily life.
  1. To serve the social workers, scientists and general public through publication of significant advances in any relevant information of the Society in different branches of Science and Technology and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of News, Views and issues concerning Society, Science and Technology.
  1. To show respect of man and animals, to ensure safety and well being, to keep ethics in compliant with science and technology.
  1. To help the researchers/scientists in generation of credible data and authentic results in the context of research work.
  1. To percolate the knowledge of science and technology in the common people.