September- December, Vol.1, Issue.1

  1. From Editor’s desk.
  2. Indigenous knowledge of Tribal Medicinal Practices in Pachmarhi ; Madhya Pradesh : an Anthropo-Pharmaceutical Approach
  3. Demonetization in India and it’s resultant effect
  4. Prospect of developing a novel potent Antioxidant from an Antidepressant Agent.
  5. Evaluation of Antioxidant properties of Convolvulus pluricaulis extract.
  6. Effect Of Crude Glandular Extract Of Telescopium Telescopium On Fertility In Rats Following Post Coital Intra Muscular Administration.
  7. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) the Silent Killer.
  8. Phytochemical characterisation and evaluation of the in-vitro antioxidant profile and antibacterial effect of extracts of Amorphophallu spaeoniifolius(Dennst.)